Gin Mare

Gin Mare
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Gin Mare
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Bitter orange of Valencia, Sweet orange from Seville, Lemon of Lleda, Arbequina olives, Italian basil, Greek thyme, Turkish rosemary, Juniper berries, Coriander, Cardamom
Thyme, Juniper, Olive, Basil, Rosemary, Coriander
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Gin Mediterraneo Mare is the distillate that evokes the word "summer" par excellence. It is the symbol of a sea, the Mediterranean, which by tradition and history unites deeply different peoples and cultures, with its waters plowed by ships from all over the world. This and much more is gin Mare, an excellent gin that unites and reflects the sea from which it takes its name, including among its ingredients some representative botanicals: Spanish citrus and Arbequina olives, Italian basil, Greek rosemary and thyme from Turkey.

Gin with a Spanish heart, is made in the small town of Vilanova i la Geltru, near Barcelona, according to an original recipe that embodies different cultures of the Mediterranean: the sea in this sense represents the body of water that brings together geographically and symbolically territories. The distillation takes place separately, botany by botany, and the assembly of the final product aims to enhance the characteristics of each of them.

The alembic used is located in a chapel, inside what was once a monastery, purchased by the Giro Ribot family in the 1950s. A Latin motto is engraved on the stained glass window of the chapel door, and also appears on the bottle: Mundus appellatur Caelum, terra et mare. The world is the combination of sky, earth and sea.

The first gin was launched by this family back in 1940, the GIN MG, one of the best sellers in Spain even now. But the origin of Gin Mare is another: the family decides to create a fresh and innovative gin, the result of local botanicals; from there they begin to experiment, until, in collaboration with Global Premium Brands, they create Gin Mare.

Behind the choice of botanicals there is an experiment that sees 45 of them as protagonists, until they decide to combine the Arbequina olives with rosemary.

With a transparent and crystalline appearance, Gin Mare brings to the nose enveloping herbaceous aromas, among which thyme and juniper stand out, enriched by light hints of olive and rosemary, botanicals that enhance the organoleptic picture of this Spaniard. On the palate it is tasty and aromatic, with notes of juniper and an aftertaste of basil, thyme and coriander and seems to evoke the sea breeze.

Great to serve alone to fully appreciate its typically Mediterranean character, this gin is the ideal ingredient for all gin-based cocktails. Try it in the gin and tonic with rosemary and cherry tomatoes.

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